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ISKCON Sri Mäyapur Chandrodaya Mandir Is Organizing A Worldwide Event


The Great Sacrifice of Writing the Entire Bhagavad-Gitä by Millions of Devotees.


To celebrate the 5250th anniversary of the appearance of parätpara paramesvara svayam bhagavän Golokädhipati  Sri Krsna  for the pleasure of his divine grace  A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupäda founder-Acärya of the international society for Krishna consciousness. To engage as many as ten million devotees in personally  writing the entire Srimad Bhagavad-Gita during the  following two years the handwritten Bhagavad-Gitä, will be presented as an offering at the lotus feet of their  lordships Sri Sri Rädhä-Mädhava the presiding deities of Sridhäma Mäyäpur in the temple of the vedic Planetarium.


Gitä-Premi Bhakta-Gana!

Dear Lovers of the Bhagavad-Gitä

Writing  is very important for the forgetful people of Kali-Yuga.  Prior to Kali-Yuga, all Vedic knowledge was coming down through aural reception, submissive hearing and memorization. As Kali-Yuga advanced,  Srila Vyåsadeva introduced the process of writing by revealing all Vedic  literatures in written form. Our attempt  is to engage anyone and everyone  in the task of writing the entire Bhagavad-Gita , with its 700 verses. Through this method, we can all come in contact with the teachings of the  Gita more closely. This devotional activity will help people to meditate on  the Bhagavad-Gita more apt attention. During writing, we can   simultaneously see, hear, recite, and the verses of the GitÄ. For this  Purpose we have started this transcendental  initiative of   




to engage one crore of  devotees In writing all the verses of the entire Bhagavad-Gitä, taking a vow  to complete the writing within one or two years. Every day, we can easily  write one or two verses of the Gilä while reading the translations. Every  day, we can commit to writing and reciting a few verses. Adding this  program to our daily schedule will surely make our life sublime, peaceful,  and joyful. Finally, it will help us to attain the supreme goal of life, pure  love of God or love for Lord Krsna. In addition to the



program, we have introduced the Harinama Lekhana Maha-Yagna program.  We urge participants to "'write one Mahamantra (Hare Krishna Hare  Krishna Krishna krishna Hare Hare. Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama  Hare Hare) daily, alongside the Gita verses, in a separate notebook  provided for this purpose. After completing the writing of the Gita and the Maharnantra, these books will be brought to Mayapur to be offered to Sri  Sri Radha Madhava when they are relocated to the TOVP. The Gita writing  book can be taken back by the writers to their respective homes as a cherished item for their own lives and future generations. However, the   Harinam writing books will be kept in Mayapur, under a dome in the  TOVP campus.  We request all Gita lovers to kindly assist us by participating wholeheartedly in this program, either by taking a vow to write the entire Gitå, by sponsoring others to write the Gitå, by inspiring and enrolling others to take the vow of writing the Gitå, and by spreading this practice far and wide among all humanity.



Yours in the service to Lord Sri  Krsna

Bhakti Purusottama Swämi –

ISKCON Sri Dham Mayapur




Five steps to follow


Register your name, or the name of your family members and friends, as  the Sata Laksa Gita Lekhan Yagamana  (Registration Fee Rs.333).


Receive your own Bhagavad-gitä with all the Sanskrit verses along with  translations for  your personal study, an empty note book for your daily  practice of writing, as well as a Harinam lekhana notebook to write Hare  Krishna Mahamantra daily, alongside the Gita verses and a  Sankalpa-Sutra.


Begin your practice of "Writing every day, at least two verses of the Gitä.  Read the translation and recite the verses  two times (no need to write  translation)


After completing the task of writing all the verses of the Bhagavad-Gita & Harinarn Lekhana bring your both notebooks or send it by post to  ISKCON Mayapur, to be offered at the lotus feet of Their Lordships Sri Sri Rädhä-Mädhava, when they are relocated to the temple of the Vedic  Planetarium.


After offering your handwritten copy of the Bhagavad-GITA to Their  Lordships Sri Sri Radha-Madhava, you can take back the notebook as  PRASADA and keep it at home as a great treasure of your life, as a sacred scripture to be worshiped and respected. However, the Harinam writing book will be kept in Mayapur, under a dome in the TOVP campus.



Help us by Sponsorship


Some of the devotees eager to participate will perhaps not be able to afford the registration fee.

To facilitate their auspicious participation in this program you may sponsor as many as participants as you desire, to assist them in taking part in this noble devotional endeavour.


For Sponsorship  Info Please visit :




Help us by Donation


As we need much more fund  rather than we collect through registration fee, we request all kind hearted people to help us by donating generously as much as they can afford  for making this endeavour most successful.


For Donation Info Please visit :



Help us by Voluntary Service  


We want to engage devotees & provide services worldwide . So we need lots of  Devotees as Volunteers 

For Voluntary Service Please Visit

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