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Benefits of Sata lakshya Gita Lekhana Maha Yajna

1.    Along with hearing and reciting Gita devotees can come in contact with Gita more closely through writing each verse. Writing of Shastra was introduced by Srila Vyasadeva for the people of Kaliyuga. 

2.     Ten million people writing Gita will bring auspiciousness to whole earthly planet. Thus reducing influence of bad elements on the planet.

3.    Every day writing one or two verses of Gita, will make the day very auspicious.

4.    This will keep one in touch with Gita on every day basis.

5.    It will create ten million hand written Gita.

6.    Devotees will get satisfaction of writing whole Gita by their own hands, offered to Their Lordships Sri Radha Madhava, signed by Head pujari of Mayapur and signed by their respective Gurudevas. 

7.    This hand written Gita will remain in your house as a life time memorable wealth. 

8.    Next generation people of your family will feel happy and proud to see your hand written Gita. Even after few generations your effort will be recognized by your family members. They will keep it with them as their great wealth.

9.    You can offer the result of writing whole Gita to your near and dear persons like to your gurudeva or anyone else you feel to offer.

10.    Best contribution towards celebration of 5250th anniversary of Lord Sri Krishna and 150th anniversary of Srila Bhaktisidhanat Goswami Prabhupada. 

11.    By joining this Maha yajna you will please your Gurudeva, Srila Prabhupad and Lord Sri Krishna.

12.    Your hand written Harinama Mahamantra will be kept in Mayapur under a tomb along with ten million people hand written Harinama for millions of people from around the world to see during next many generations. 

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